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1,662 flights this month

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586,714 miles this month

Total hours


2,593 hours this month

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141 active this month

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VirtualFlight.Online is building a supportive, friendly, relaxed virtual airline where all abilities are welcome. You will find numerous events and scheduled flights allied with a simple career progression structure that unlocks aircraft, events, and routes as you file hours.

We operate a simple ACARS solution that records flight data, scores you on procedures you did well and records flights in a logbook for future posterity. We issue numerous awards along the way to reward pilots on completing tours, events, and challenges.

VirtualFlight.Online started out as a community of Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts meeting up online at Discord and Facebook to share knowledge, tips, advice, stories, and to take part in group flights together.

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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  VFL1000 Andrew TPN05 Tour/Event WAYY WAVV 0 0kg NA In Progress
  VFL1468 Tony TMC09 Tour/Event MMUN MMVR 0 0kg NA Dispatched
  VFL1497 Glenn TUW09 Tour/Event KLMT O89 0 0kg NA Dispatched
  VFL1173 Irek WBA20 Tour/Event KMCO KCLT 0 0kg NA Dispatched
  VFL1112 David TTZ01 Tour/Event YKII YSMI 0 0kg NA Dispatched
  VFL1398 Martin CTN19 Tour/Event ESMS ESMQ 0 0kg NA In Progress
  VFL1264 Colin TBI12 Tour/Event YBBN YMML 0 0kg NA Dispatched
  VFL1294 Clifford TEU05 Tour/Event EPLB LRBS 0 0kg NA In Progress
  VFL0766 Ed TMD04 Tour/Event LEBL LFMT 0 0kg NA In Progress
  VFL1472 Mark TEU19 Tour/Event UKOO LTAF 0 0kg NA In Progress

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
TPN10 AYMH AYNZ   VFL0255 Robert ATR 42-600 House Livery -180fpm
TVE02 EHAM EDDH   VFL1237 NORIO Aeroplane Heaven Electra-... -227fpm
{}OE-LBE KIAH KLGA   VFL1498 Robby Airbus A321-200 Austrian... -617fpm
210224 KMYR KJZI   VFL0193 Patrick DA42-VI OE-VDN -151fpm
VFLTUW05 KUAO KCVO   VFL1452 Travis DHC-7 Pan Am - GTN 750 Eq... -179fpm
TBI10 YBCS YBBN   VFL1264 Colin Airbus A320neo FlyByWire -129fpm
VFLTUW04 KKLS KUAO   VFL1452 Travis DHC-7 Pan Am - GTN 750 Eq... -133fpm
TCA05 CYQT CYWG   VFL1385 George Pilatus PC-12/47 N22LP 5B... -76fpm
VFLKJK21 GQPZ GQPA   VFL1237 NORIO FlyingIron P-38L Lightnin... -176fpm
VFLTUW03 KOLM KKLS   VFL1452 Travis DHC-7 Pan Am - GTN 750 Eq... -259fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  VFL1110 Alex TCH03 SCBA 2024-02-17 -3fpm 100%
  VFL1110 Alex TGB29 EGSH 2024-02-16 -6fpm 100%
  VFL1110 Alex TGB30 EGMC 2024-02-16 -6fpm 100%
  VFL1110 Alex TCH10 SCAR 2024-02-19 -8fpm 100%
  VFL1110 Alex TGB28 EGNJ 2024-02-16 -10fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  VFL1505 John Belgium Belgium Munich, Munich 2024-02-20
  VFL1506 CHAN Taiwan Taiwan Pudong, Shanghai 2024-02-20
  VFL1504 Paul United Kingdom United Kingdom Dyce, Aberdeen 2024-02-17
  VFL1503 Johnny U.S.A U.S.A San Francisco Intl, San Francisco 2024-02-16
  VFL1502 Andy Canada Canada Vancouver Intl, Vancouver 2024-02-12
  VFL1498 Robby U.S.A U.S.A William P Hobby, Houston 2024-02-11
  VFL1499 The_Flying_Freja Germany Germany Osaka Intl, Osaka 2024-02-11

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