About VirtualFlight.Online

VirtualFlight.Online provides the online community with a relaxed, informal virtual airline through which pilots can fly in events, on tours, and on scheduled routes - all the while recording their progress via a simple flight logging application.

We operate a straightforward career progression system, where everybody starts as a "student pilot". After logging an hour you progress on to become a "private pilot", and then on to commercial aircraft - climbing the ladder as you qualify to take part in tours, routes, and to schedule different aircraft. It's all based on hours logged - you can read more about it in the Codex - our online reference guide.

Alongside the virtual airline, we also operate a Discord Server, and a Facebook Group - filled with a diverse, friendly, welcoming community of flight simulation enthusiasts. We work hard to keep everything we do as accessible as possible, and hope it results in a great place for people to make friends, share their flying experiences, and help each other out.

We run regular group-flight events over at Discord, where all are welcome to participate.

Help Support VirtualFlight.Online

While the facilities available to pilots are free, the means of providing them is not. If you are in a position to help support us by joining our Patreon - your contribution will be greatly appreciated by all.


VirtualFlight.Online launched shortly after the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the autumn of 2020. We initially offered regular group flights to the flight simulation community through Discord, and slowly grew a diverse, friendly, and knowledgeable following of both simulator enthusiasts and real-world pilots.

While flying online together we rapidly discovered that multi-player aircraft could not be seen in mapping software such as LittleNavMap, and set about finding a solution. Within a few days we had built Transmitter - a Windows application that logs aircraft location to an online database, and a web service that reports back aircraft location data in a format LittleNavMap understands.

After organising successful group flights for the better part of two years, we realised it might be good if some form of offline activities could be offered. Those thoughts eventually coalesced into what you see today at va.virtualflight.online.

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies soon!

Jonathan Beckett
Founder, VirtualFlight.Online

For help getting started, visit the Codex (our online reference guide).

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