Pilot ID: VFL0666 | Class A Captain

Base: Stansted, London


Wallet: $43,184.00 | XP: 179,205

Best Landing: -9.00fpm on 2023-04-22 at EGHJ

I have no real-world piloting experience but a life-long love of aviation. I have been flying on PC simulators for over twenty years. I dabbled with X-Plane for a short while (v.5?) and then more seriously with Microsoft Flight Simulator from version FS2002, through FS9. I didn't really get into FSX much and then re-awoke my love for the sim with the introduction of MSFS. I co-founded an online group of similar-minded 'pilots' in the early-2000s. We flew as "Jet Team". As time moved on, we merged with another group, "Props-unlimited" and were then known as "jetteampropsunlimited" (...rather unimaginatively, but it got the idea across!). Eventually, we all tended to start actually living our lives and the group faded. Many friendships were formed however, many of which are still strong today. I have been doing a lot of research online and came across some of your videos on YouTube whilst learning to fly the PMDG 737-800. I am only used to flying heavy jets and am trying to become more knowledgeable in the 'truer-to-life' aircraft, so until PMDG comes out with their 777, I am re-training on the 737. Having avoided virtual airlines in the past, VirtualFlight.Online sounds to me to be a place I would feel more comfortable in. I understand the Virtual Airline's ranking system and will no doubt learn a lot on that journey. Hopefully, by the time I get to Class A Captain, I may actually be able to fly the plane with some sort of competence. After all, let's face it, how long can 80 hours take?!... I look forward to becoming a member of your Virtual Airline. Thanks.

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Latest Flights

Flight Number Date From To Duration Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
IOT16 2023-09-21 FMNC FMNM 01:55:41 HJET HA420 Elit... -19fpm
IOT15 2023-09-19 FMNH FMNC 00:51:47 Kodiak 100 Cand... -159fpm
IOT14 2023-09-14 FMNN FMNH 01:37:43 HJET HA420 Elit... -69fpm
IOT13 2023-09-14 FMCZ FMNN 00:56:34 HJET HA420 Elit... -173fpm
IOT12 2023-09-13 FMCV FMCZ 00:44:47 Kodiak 100 Cand... -201fpm
IOT11 2023-09-13 FMCI FMCV 00:25:00 Kodiak 100 Cand... -263fpm
IOT10 2023-09-13 FMCH FMCI 00:42:02 Kodiak 100 Cand... -136fpm
IOT09 2023-09-12 FMNE FMCH 01:47:19 HJET HA420 Elit... -64fpm
IOT08 2023-09-12 FMNA FMNE 01:00:52 HJET HA420 Elit... -376fpm
IOT07 2023-09-11 FSDR FMNA 01:52:37 HJET HA420 Elit... -273fpm
IOT06 2023-09-11 FSPP FSDR 00:48:15 HJET HA420 Elit... -278fpm
IOT05 2023-09-11 FSIA FSPP 00:16:10 Kodiak 100 Cand... -197fpm
IOT04 2023-09-10 FJDG FSIA 02:52:05 Boeing 787-8 Et... -713fpm
TOM867 2023-09-09 EGNT EGNX 01:04:08 Boeing 787-8 TU... -563fpm
TOM2345 2023-09-08 LEMH EGCC 06:06:05 Boeing 787-8 TU... -182fpm
BY773 2023-09-07 EGCC LEMH 03:15:58 Boeing 787-8 TU... -178fpm
QTR773 2023-09-05 FAOR FQMA 01:07:51 Boeing 787-8 Qa... -647fpm
IOT03 2023-09-05 VRMG FJDG 01:58:14 HJET HA420 Elit... -162fpm
IOT02 2023-09-04 VRMK VRMG 00:56:24 HJET HA420 Elit... -86fpm
IOT01 2023-09-03 VRMM VRMK 00:59:13 Kodiak 100 Cand... -111fpm

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